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We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Appointments that are not canceled within a 24 hour window by the client, will be charged a 100% cancellation fee and client no-shows will also be charged 100% of the service cost. Please understand this is generated by the booking system, it does and will send out confirmations & reminders. If you are unable to make your appointment, please cancel or reschedule ASAP through your client profile you have made through acuity, thank you for understanding.


Please be on time to your appointment! If you are going to be late you will need to contact your artist ASAP and let them know. If you are more than 15 minutes late you will need  to reschedule and will be charged a late fee, as we will not have sufficient time to give you the best service.


Please do not bring children to your appointment if they are 12 or under, as children are not allowed in the treatment room.

Please come to your appointment mascara free, it is VERY important that you shower your lashes the day of your appointment and get them saturated wet so they are squeaky clean.

Please do not move or talk with your hands or make facial expressions during your appointment. Is is very important to remain as still as possible. Why? The more you move the less lashes you get!


Please do not drink caffeinated beverages 2-4 hours before your appointment as your eyes will flutter which  in turn will make it harder to lash you up, and we don't want that!

Please use the restroom before you arrive or before your scheduled appointment time, as you will not have the opportunity to once the service begins.

As a courtesy please turn your phone off or on silent before your appointment.



It is VERY important to wash your lashes with specially formulated eyelash cleaners, like Lash Bath sold at the shop.  Wash them by using a pea sized amount of lash bath, using your cleansing brush swirl the lash bath until it is a foam. Then brush the lid of your eye, under your eye and then down the lashes. If you are not washing your lashes daily, you are at a huge risk for infections. Washing lashes also keeps your extensions on and natural lashes healthy. Please understand not washing your natural lashes is very harmful and can cause the artists to deny you future lash appointments, the health of your natural lashes is our first priority! Unwashed lashes can result in blepharitis  or other stuff you do not want on or around your eyes! So please remember to wash them daily and follow proper aftercare as explained by your artist!

If you use cotton swabs to take your makeup off, please DO NOT use them on the lashes. The fibers will pull on your extensions and wrap around them. We have done it and it is painful!

When you get out of the shower, we recommended taking a towel and blinking on it then for volume you can blow dry them for about 10 seconds on low heat! This is a little trick we like to re-fluff lashes. This will dry and separate them and fluff them back up!

Please be gentle with your lashes, no picking, pulling or rubbing, this will harm your natural lashes. If you rub your lash extensions, it can snap your natural lashes. Yes they will grow back, but please, just try to avoid it.

Do not use any oil based cleansers or makeup product in or around your lashes. Oil is one of the fastest ways for the lash adhesive to lose it's bond.

Do not use an eyelash curler or any mascara! Lash extensions have a curl that stays. Mascara is NOT recommended. It definitely has the possibility to interfere with the glue bond. Please note when using mascara, it WILL result in faster fallout of your extensions. It will also close up your volume fans that we create just for you.

You will lose more extensions on the side you sleep on and expect to lose a few a day, since it is natural to lose a few eyelashes a day. If you don't touch them and don't wear mascara, they will stay on longer and who would'nt want that!


Typically extensions last about 2-4 weeks. Why such a vast difference? Because so many variables go into how long they will last. You typically lose or shed 3-5 eyelashes a day on average, sometimes more, sometimes less. Your typical lash growth cycle is 45-90 days depending on your own personal self. With an extension placed on your natural lash, you will now notice the shedding of your lashes more, since an extension is longer and thicker than your natural lash. It is up to you to book accordingly to achieve the level of fullness you want!

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