Permanent Cosmetics
Combo Brows:



Combination of microblading and machine shading to achieve a more tailored and dense brow. This is a client favorite as you get the best of both worlds. Hair like strokes and a soft powdery makeup look at your tails.

Permanent Cosmetics Combo Brows





Microblading is permanent cosmetics using a manual method for beautiful hairlike strokes. It is a very natural look but is not suggested for all skin types.

Permanent Cosmetics Microblading
Powder Brows




This permanent cosmetic option gives a soft powdery filled-in makeup look. This option does not include any microblading. Great for covering old tattooed brows that aren't all the way faded.

Permanent Cosmetics Powder Brows
Ombre Brows:




Brows that are more dense with color on the tail and body, but lighten towards the front. Done with machine and does not involve microblading. For a soft makeup type look.

Permanent Cosmetics Ombre Brows
Lash Line/Eye Liner:





+ Natural in appearance

+ Gives the eyes definition

+ Makes lashes appear fuller and darker

Permanent Cosmetics Eye liner
Lip Blush:

Lip blush can be used to correct the color and define the lips while still looking natural. 

Permanent Cosmetics Lip Blush