Covid guidelines
Covid guidelines wearing a mask


Simply Divine Artistry is a booth leasing business for beauty professionals. We specialize in eyelash extensions, skin care and permanent cosmetics. We are all licensed and certified and have taken multiple infection prevention courses to make sure the health and safety of our clients stays intact. We know there will be a lot of changes coming back to work after COVID-19. However, being licensed through the state, we are highly educated in proper sanitation and disinfection protocols (unlike a lot of essential businesses that have been open). We only use the best medical grade disinfectant (Cavicide & Barbicide) throughout the entire salon, and we are proud to keep taking universal precautions as we have done since the day we were licensed. Here are some plans on how we plan to keep everyone in the salon as healthy as possible:



  • Beauty practitioner and client will both be wearing masks at all times.

  • Appointment times will be staggered.

  • We have removed the waiting room, and clients will need to arrive at the time of their appointments to keep social distancing rules.

  • Retail section will only be touched by gloved practitioner and item given to customer.

  • Retail testers have been converted to single serve jars.

  • If a client or practitioner has a temperature or appears sick, she will be sent home immediately.



  • Stations will be sanitized and cleaned with Cavicide after every client.

  • Our tools will be submerged in state required disinfectant (Barbicide) for a minimum of 10 minutes after every client.

  • Per company's instructions Barbicide will be changed out once a day.

  • Surfaces of salon will be wiped with Cavicide at least three times a day, including doorhandles, counters etc.

  • If a client uses the bathroom, it is that practitioner's responsibility to go in after and wipe all the surfaces down with Cavicide.

  • Phones will not be touched throughout entire service to prevent the chance of cross contamination.

  • Practitioner will dispose of gloves after every single client, wash hands, and get a new pair of gloves before the next client.