All that I have learned and continue to learn I bring to my training curriculum to give an overall luxury experience students won't forget.  My training kits are hands down one of the best in the beauty industry which will set you up for success. I offer Volume Eyelash Training, Advanced Mega Volume & Color Lash Training, and My all-new Setup for Sucess Mentorships.


The value I bring with these services isn't just self-confidence, it's financial stability and freedom. My training has truly given many the opportunity to start their own businesses and succeed in this competitive beauty industry. I now am going a step further offering a 3-month mentorship where you are given the opportunity to lash real-life clients in a working salon and can build your client base while advancing your skills.

I love that I have the unique ability to be a part of your future success!


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Text me if you have any questions at 530-941-1667