Hi! My name is Brooke Cummings. I'm a massage therapist and esthetician. I grew up here in Redding California. I enrolled in massage school in February of 2013, during which I realized I truly had a passion for touch therapy. I learned the basics, Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stone massage.  I graduated at the end of that year and went into the spa industry. A few years down the road I decided that skincare and massage quite literally went hand-in-hand. I finished school once again, took my state board, and in 2017, earned my esthetician license. 
January 2021, when my world was at a standstill, I figured going back to school again would be a good way to kill some time. I went to National Holistic Institute where I fell back in love with my career. I gained a significant understanding of the body and various modalities. I took a liking to lymphatic massage, aromatherapy, and prenatal massage. I also absolutely love whipping up a fresh, fun body treatment. The additional 800 hours I spent at NHI allowed me to earn my California certification for massage therapy. 
I’m now choosing to work for myself because I want the freedom to be creative with my services. I want to offer my clients exceptional service at every opportunity. I want to be in a supportive, inspiring environment that pushes me to give more into my life and my career. 
I invite you to relax with me, experience true therapeutic self-care and the power self-love. 

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